Far de pì – Fasilmente, Vełosemente

LibreOffice ła ze na suite formidàbiłe par l'ofisio; l'intarfasa neta e el gran nùmaro de strumenti a dispozision i ve parmete de łibarar ła vostra creatividà e de aumentar ła vostra produtividà.
Łe defarenti aplegasion desponìbiłi łe fà de LibreOffice ła mejo suite par l'ofisio Łìbara e
Open Source che A ghe ze so'l marcà.

Suite łìbara par l'ofisio

LibreOffice 7: ła suite łìbara par l'ofisio che ła se destingue in mezo a tute cheł'altre.

Łaseve imagar!

Un projeto dinàmego

LibreOffice el ze uno de i projeti pì dinàmeghi e sòłidi inte'l mondo de'l software łìbaro e open source.

Chi ch'A semo – I nostri vałori

Zente fantàstega

LibreOffice el ze pì asè de un sénplise software. El revarda łe parsone, ła cultura, ła produsion, ła sconpartision e ła cołaborasion

Vegnì a far parte de ła comunità!

LibreOffice el ze un software Łìbaro e Open Source. El dezviłupo el ze verto a i novi tałenti e a łe nove idèe; el nostro software el ze testà e doparà tuti i dì da na comunità de utenti granda asè e afesionà

Announcement of LibreOffice 24.2.1 Community

Berlin, 29 February 2024 – LibreOffice 24.2.1 Community, the first minor release of the free, volunteer-supported office suite for personal productivity in office environments, is now available at www.libreoffice.org/download for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The release includes more than 100 bug and regression fixes over LibreOffice 24.2 [1] to improve the stability and robustness of […]

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LibreOffice 7.6.5 released for productivity environments

Berlin, February 22, 2024 – LibreOffice 7.6.5 Community is immediately available from www.libreoffice.org/download for Windows, macOS, and Linux [1]. This is the most thoroughly tested version of the suite, for deployments by individuals, small and medium businesses, and other organizations in productivity environments. For enterprise-class deployments, TDF strongly recommends the LibreOffice Enterprise family of applications […]

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Writer tables converted to plain text – difficultyInteresting EasyHack

If you copy contents from LibreOffice Writer to a plain text editor like gedit or Notepad, you will see that it does a straightforward thing: It copies the text and some basic formatting like converting bullets to ‘•’. For the Writer tables, the conversion is very simple right now: every cell is written in a separate line.

For example, if you have a table like this:

A | B --|-- C | D

When you copy the table from LibreOffice Writer and paste it into […]

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2024-02-29 Thursday

Drove to Stansted; caught up with Gokay; rather delayed flight. Hacked up a tool to annotate unshared pages with names of pointers into shared libraries to better unwind the origin of dirtied pages.

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