Far de pì – Fasilmente, Vełosemente

LibreOffice ła ze na suite formidàbiłe par l'ufisio; l'intarfasa neta e el gran nùmaro de strumenti a despozision i ve parmete de łibarar ła vostra creatività e de aumentar ła vostra produtività.
Łe difarenti aplegasion desponìbiłi łe fa de LibreOffice ła mejo suite par l'ufisio Łìbara e
Open Source so'l marcà.

Suite łìbara par l'ofisio

LibreOffice 5: ła suite łìbara par l'ofisio che ła se destingue in mezo a tute cheł'altre.

Łaseve imagar!

Un projeto dinàmego

LibreOffice el ze uno de i projeti pì dinàmeghi e sòłidi inte'l mondo de'l software łìbaro e open source.

Chi ch'A semo – I nostri vałori

Zente fantàstega

LibreOffice el ze pì asè de un sénplise software. El revarda łe parsone, ła cultura, ła produsion, ła sconpartision e ła cołaborasion

Venjì a far parte de ła comunità!

LibreOffice el ze un software Łìbaro e Open Source. El dezviłupo el ze verto a i novi tałenti e a łe nove idèe; el nostro software el ze testà e doparà tuti i dì da na comunità de utenti granda asè e afesionà

Annual Report 2018: LibreOffice Conference

The LibreOffice Conference is the annual gathering of the community, our end-users, and everyone interested in free office software. Every year, it takes place in a different country and is supported by members of the LibreOffice commercial ecosystem. In 2018, the conference was organized by the young and dynamic Albanian community at Oficina in Tirana, […]

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LibOCon Latinoamérica – Asunción 2019, July 19 – 20

A quick video inviting you to the LibreOffice Latin America Conference 2019! (English subtitles are available.) It will be held at the Facultad Politécnica de Universidad Nactional de Asunción (FPUNA) in Asunción, Paraguay on July 19th (Friday) and 20th (Sat). For more information about the conference please visit the website. Please confirm that you want […]

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bibisect-win64-6.4 is available for cloning!

The LibreOffice Quality Assurance ( QA ) Team is happy to announce the bisect repository from libreoffice-6-3-branch-point to latest master for Windows is available for cloning at Gerrit. As a novelty, it’s the first time the bisect repository for Windows is built for 64 bits instead of 32 as in previous repositories. Future repositories will be built for 64 bits as well.

What is a bisect repository ?

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Easyhacking: How to create a new “Tip-Of-The-Day” dialog

LibreOffice is an application with a large number of expert features, and though aimed to be easy to use there are always surprising shortcuts to achieve a goal. We post every day a tip on Twitter, and with the upcoming release 6.3 there will be also a tip-of-the-day messagebox when you start the program.…

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